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Certificate Chocolatier Program Skill 1




2 Days


About the Course

What you will learn:

A) Types Of Chocolate & Usage, Fats In Chocolate
B) Selecting Chocolate: Couverture & Compound
C) Polymorph Of Chocolate
D) Fundamental Tempering Techniques
E) Temperature Required For Types Of Chocolate
F) Defects
G) Tempering Methods
H) Shelling Process & Fundamental mechanism by Tempering, Depositing & Cooling
I) Recipes (08)

Your Instructor

Academy Head

At D'CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY, Learn specialized courses designed by Founder Chef Deepika Namdev (Chocolatier & Patissier) planned according to skill level, where you will not spend few hours learning it, but understanding it in set of days with chapter wise orientation, to achieve the required skill & knowledge.

Academy Head
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