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Professional Chocolatier
Skill 3


Who should Attend: suitable for Professional students who plans to explore variety of confections. Learn Sugar Confectionery, Panning Chocolates and much more to increase the varieties to offer for catering Business orders.



FEES: 19000/-


Complete Hands-On program for learning to make sugar confections and the Panned Chocolates. 





  • NEW ERA OF SNACKING CHOCOLATE: Dragees/Panned Chocolates


  • RECIPES: 15 Intricate recipes from, Liquor Cordials, Confectionery Fondant, Fruit Jellies, Nougat, Toffee, Candies and much more.


  • Two days Hands-on Program

  • Class will start daily at 10:00 am and will finish at around 6:00 pm.

  • Apron, Recipe book & Lunch will be provided in the class.

  • Student should wear Face Mask, comfortable clothes (to work in airconditioned environment) & shoes.

  • Student should join the class on time, no matter you get late, no repeat of course will take place.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: By registering for the course you agree:

1. The Management of ‘D’CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY’ reserves the rights to enroll any student at its own discretion or on availability of seat.

2.  You agree to maintain the decorum of class, will respect your instructors, classmates, staff, there will be no use of any unpleasant verbal/body language, failing which you can be terminated immediately.

3.  You agree that all courses are completely offered by us ‘D’CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY’ is for enriching your skills in the field of confections with artistry & craftsmanship and that you will avoid plagiarism of any content that belongs to our Academy.

4. You agree to pay the fees completely/fully on/before the due date of registration to confirm your enrollment. You agree that fees once paid will not be refunded, if due to any circumstances you are unable to undertake the enrolled class, then you will inform us 5 days prior in writing on for us ‘D’CHOCOLATIERE ACADEMY’ to accommodate/adjust the paid fees for the next class.

5. Our fees is inclusive of study material, hence you don’t need to carry anything with you. We are Autonomous Educational Academy & respect the skill we teach and to felicitate our students we give a Certificate of Completion of  Certificate courses.

6. As we start our classes early, which ends up in the evening, we offer our students vegetarian lunch. We expect & hope that you understand that it’s an Academy & not an eatery & you will respect the meal arrangements made for your comfort.

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